Started in 2017, The StayFit Kitchen is the answer to healthy food with a twist of taste in the form of a cloud-based kitchen.

The StayFit Kitchen was started as an answer to a simple, common, yet untackled question in society. Amidst the hustle and bustle of normal life, health always takes a back seat. We have decided to answer this question and brought up the answer in the form of The StayFit Kitchen.

Nurtured with the vision of providing healthy food to all amidst the busy life schedule, The StayFit Kitchen is the fastest emerging brand in the healthy food sector in 2020. To ensure that this vision sees the light of day, our mission is to create customized diet backed by meals designed by nutritionists and cooked by chefs.

Being an idea brought-up in a bedroom, the establishment is turning on a healthy leaf all over India. Cooking from a small food joint, it is quickly expanding its reach further to different part of the country through franchise opportunities.

This idea is collectively backed by a group of nutritionists, chefs, & digital marketers from the fitness domain.

Our key mantra to make you fit is
"EatFit, LiveFit, StayFit."

Our Idea

The StayFit Kitchen is built with an idea to provide delicious healthy meals designed by professional nutritionists at affordable prices. Be it the corporate, gym-goers, students, families, or just a regular health-conscious individual, we have customized diet and meals for all around.

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